Johannes Dornisch wrote this on August 07, 2013

In the last months we used our blog just for announcing some essential news and releases. That‘s far from being satisfactory. Neither for us nor for our users. So, we are going change that in the future. And as you see, the blog will also be written in English. With the launch of First Years our user base switched to more English speaking users. So we decided to change the language. And as our English is on a lower level, we think German users will also be able to understand our writings.

With the new blogging strategy, the blog will contain news about our existing products First Years and Grocery List, issues and solutions while developing, design related news, some stuff about us and what we‘ll develop in the future.

Enjoy reading.

Johannes Dornisch

Bottle washer at pixelflut. Loves football, music, and his small family.

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