Johannes Dornisch wrote this on August 19, 2013

First Years sells good for our demands. The usage is on a high level and we also receive positive Feedback via mail or by using the feedback form which is integrated in the App. But there‘s a lack of App Store ratings and feedback in the store. Whether in Germany or in any country - just a few people commented or rated our app.

An established solution to increase feedback and ratings is the use of popups. The rating popup is mostly shown after a few app openings or at a specific count of page changes, and asks whether the user wants to rate the app or not. And as we have the same need we discussed to implement such a popup in First Years too. It‘s definitely seen by the users and above that it allows us to easily track whether it‘s clicked or not.

But we questioned ourselves if we really want that solution. Aren‘t we irritated by popups in other apps ourselves? Or on the other hand, how many apps did we first rate after the popup was shown? The discussion started and finally our mission statement helped us to find a common denominator. It says “We develop software for humans”. So we certainly don‘t want to annoy them - even if a rating popup isn‘t disruptive. Therefore we thought about other possibilities to receive user-ratings in a more elegant way and found a solution very quickly (No, we won‘t buy ratings on ebay).

In the next version of First Years we‘ll try a solution which is built-in permanent, but in our view less intrusive than a popup. It‘s relatively easy and unspectacular: Since there‘s a navigation menu in First Years, we just implemented a direct link to the rating page in the App Store there. The menu doesn‘t have to be used very often, but for switching chronicles or adding new children it has to be tapped. And as the rating button is positioned next to the secondary links like settings we think we found a more charming solution to receive ratings than a possibly pushing popup.

But if we are right with our assumption we‘ll see when the next version is in the App Store - probably with an increase of ratings in the App Store.

Johannes Dornisch

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