Johannes Dornisch wrote this on August 13, 2013

A few weeks ago we read an article on gruenderszene about the chance to pitch to Hubraum at TOA 2013. We‘ve never thought of pitching First Years to an audience, searching for an investor or something else. But combined with a TOA ticket and the good weather forecast for berlin we decided to try to win the pitch.

TOA festival took place on August 1st-2nd and we haven‘t heard anything from the agency until August 1st. At 08:30 I received my ticket for TOA without any news whether we‘re allowed to pitch or not. The responsible manager wasn‘t available, too. So I reconsidered and thought maybe the mail landed in spam - and what was there? Yes, you know. The winner mail was sent one day after the application deadline and said that our pitch was scheduled for 11:30 on August 1st. We were glad to read that, but the date was impossible for me to arrive at TOA. Of course, I tried to reschedule the pitch, but that was also unfortunately impossible. So our sophisticated spam folder wasn‘t only preventing us from unwanted mails, but also from receiving great opportunities to present our products. Well done, Google.

Fortunately the story had a happy ending. As an excuse, the agency offered us to pitch at breakfast club on August 23. Hubraum is sponsor of this event and finally we have the chance to introduce them First Years there. And above that, we definitely won‘t miss important mails, which accidentally landed in spam in the future.

Johannes Dornisch

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