Johannes Dornisch wrote this on September 18, 2013

Our Grocery list app is frequently used and we still have many new downloads every day. The feedback is consistently positive, both regarding usability and especially design. So we are deeply contented how users react to our first app, which is in the App Store for 1,5 years now. But there‘s an issue: Grocery list is complete skeuomorphic. There‘s wood, there‘s a chalkboard, there‘s chalk, and of course, there are paper elements. Still, we think the app is well-designed and all this elements fit perfectly in the pre iOS7 eco system. But with the presentation of the redesigned Apple operating system it was clear that the current Grocery list design won‘t suit in the new flat habitat.

It would have been easy for us to just redesign Grocery List. But on second thought it‘s not done for us with just redesigning the app for iOS7. Above the new design, which focuses more on content, it feels quite different and animations can be used in a more clever way. So iOS7 gives us much more freedom when designing and developing an app. Furthermore we received lots of user feedback, with very useful feature requests to improve Grocery list. And of course we have a long backlog with improvements. This lead us to the decision not only to redesign the app. We want to rethink Grocery List.

Rethinking means for us to go through the whole process of creating an app: Defining the focus, inspecting issues of the current app, discussing new features, ditching features which weren‘t used. After some passionate discussions we decided to build an all new Grocery list. With some new useful features, improvements in usability and in structure. And of course, with an updated design. The new App won‘t replace the current Grocery list, which will also be available in the App Store (for keeping skeuomorphism alive). The current app is certainly working on iOS7, too. In the next few days we will additionally release an update with an optimized icon and some bugfixes.

Why it‘s easier and much more meaningful for us to develop a completely new Grocery List app and which features the app is going to have, you will read in our next blog post.

Johannes Dornisch

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